DIY Terrarium

A terrarium with plants

I had a project that was so intense and took quite some time from the idea do the finished piece and video, so I decided to make a relaxing video and provide you a more natural and calmly paced moment. I felt like the end result was kind of an ASMR video.

Até já

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Once upon a time I built an entire kitchen with hidden appliances and a cool pantry cabinet! Who remembers this video? It doesn’t feel like it but it was two and half years ago!😮 
Also, what should I make for dinner? 🤔

#gethandsdirty #diykitchen #homemadekitchen
I posted a video yesterday on how I made this ceiling lamp for my Tiny Apartment 😀 You can watch it by clicking on my bio. Let me know what you think!

#gethandsdirty #ceilinglamp #diyceilinglamp #diylamp
The Tiny Apartment Kitchen was in need of a ceiling lamp and I finally got my hands dirty making it! Boom! 💥 

#gethandsdirty #ceilinglamp #ceilinglight #spotlight #diylamp #diylightfixture #minimalistlamp


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