Loft Bed

The loft bed structure made out of pine wood.

My studio was not space-efficient at all, it was screaming for a remodel. I decided to build a functional Loft Bed with the bed structure on top, multi-functional stairs that serve as cabinets and include a working desk at the bottom.

Até já

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This past month, I've been producing a scenography work for @casadamusicaporto ‘s Floresta dos Sons (Forest of Sounds) concert here in Porto.
The show told a story about nature, noise and the four classic elements. It enriched the ears of babies aged from 3 months up to 6 years old. To represent the forest, I built a large hexagonal tree in plywood with a levitating treetop. I wanted to make it impactful during specific moments of the show and found out a way to make the tree interact with the lighting by adding some bark cracks out of orange acrylic.

That's where @cmt_orangetools came in for help! I used the Plexiglass & Plastic blade, that gave me super smooth cuts on the acrylic. I’ve used regular wood blades to cut acrylic for years and was never happy with the experience. They make the job a bit scary because the teeth grab the material (kickback is more likely to happen), melting it and making the edges quite rough in the end. Investing on a specialized blade totally changed the game and, if you can, I highly recommend you getting one for both performance and safety reasons.

I haven’t filmed this project but if you're interested in this type of work, I have a few videos on my channel registering past scenography projects I've made. :)

#gethandsdirty #cmt #acrylics #plexiglass #scenography #casadamusica #birchplywood #geometrictree
Who said dust collection can’t be stylish?

#gethandsdirty #dustcollection #ducting #metalducting #ductwork
Hi, my name is Cris and this is my table saw. 😶

#gethandsdirty #tablesaw #dustytools #sawdust
🤭 Doing a crazy installation in the studio ceiling with the help of my dad. 

#gethandsdirty #ductwork #ducting #metalducting #dustcollection
I’m so excited to finally have some good dust collection!! 🤩 Looking forward to turn it on soon. I got a Supercell from @oneidaairsystems and I’m sure that it will work just as great as it looks 😝 Best color scheme ever! 

#gethandsdirty #dustcollection #dustcollector #cyclone #dustcyclone #sheddustcollector #oneidaairsystems #supercell #oneidasupercell