Ceramic Tile Floor Installation

Applying cement to the floor in order to install the black ceramic tiles

To quick off the Tiny Apartment Build project, I'm starting from the bottom... Literally! In this video, you can see how I installed these ceramic black tiles on the floor of the apartment.

Até já

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Once upon a time I built an entire kitchen with hidden appliances and a cool pantry cabinet! Who remembers this video? It doesn’t feel like it but it was two and half years ago!😮 
Also, what should I make for dinner? 🤔

#gethandsdirty #diykitchen #homemadekitchen
I posted a video yesterday on how I made this ceiling lamp for my Tiny Apartment 😀 You can watch it by clicking on my bio. Let me know what you think!

#gethandsdirty #ceilinglamp #diyceilinglamp #diylamp
The Tiny Apartment Kitchen was in need of a ceiling lamp and I finally got my hands dirty making it! Boom! 💥 

#gethandsdirty #ceilinglamp #ceilinglight #spotlight #diylamp #diylightfixture #minimalistlamp


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